Devendra banhart dating history

You can have that with a book, but you don’t have that with music, for example.It isn’t like you have a blank song, and now it’s time to fill the song.

Devendra Obi Banhart (born May 30, 1981) is a Venezuelan American singer-songwriter and visual artist.

All this is far removed from his image as a serious singer-songwriter and barefoot hippie dude who has been quietly bewitching the world of music for the past decade.

The Texas-born, Venezuela-raised Banhart is part of a loosely-connected generation of singers – among them Sufjan Stevens, the harpist Joanna Newsom and torch singer Antony Hegarty – that have made unexpected inroads into the mainstream.

Anyway I didn’t propose this book to [the publisher] Prestel, yet I’d been hoping that it would be proposed to me for over a decade.

I think any artist hopes and dreams of being able to put out a monograph, a catalog, a cohesive bundle of pages that has your work that you can share. "Here’s a song, I just emailed it to you." Sure, you can email the image of a painting, but it’s a different experience.

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