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He wrote: 'I do hope that soon I will be normal and that I will cause you no more disturbing moments - these petty jealousies etc..way I behaved this morning I was rather ashamed when I had left you'.He wrote: 'Oh darling what wonderful happiness you have brought into my life.In the last years of the silent period, he was elevated to star billing opposite Loretta Young in several pre-Code films. Although he didn't get the part, head of production Darryl F.He appeared in Our Modern Maidens (1929), which led to a well-publicized romance and marriage to his co-star, Joan Crawford. Zanuck was impressed with Douglas's screen test, and cast him in an important role in The Dawn Patrol.During the Second World War, Fairbanks served with distinction in the American navy, rising to the rank of captain and becoming one of the most decorated of all Hollywood actors.He also won the DSC in the landings in North Africa, while for his contribution to Anglo-American relations - in particular for his part in urging his countrymen to join the fight against Hitler - King George VI appointed him honorary KBE.Fairbanks even went to Denver in an attempt to pay off a newspaper from publishing news of his infidelity But in the end Owen however figured out what was going on and is said to have told Pickford: 'I'm going to kill that climbing monkey'.Fairbanks did not handle him well as his jealousy was 'infamous', Goessel writes.

Largely on the basis of his father's name, Fairbanks Jr.

was given a contract with Paramount Pictures at age 14, appearing in Stephen Steps Out.

He initially played mainly supporting roles in a range of films featuring many of the leading female players of the day: Belle Bennett in Stella Dallas (1925), Esther Ralston in An American Venus (1926) and Pauline Starke in Women Love Diamonds (1927).

He was the fourth child in a Jewish family consisting of six sons and four daughters. When he was 17, Charles started a small publishing business in Philadelphia.

Charles's parents, Lazarus Ullman and Lydia Abrahams, had immigrated to the U. Two years later, he left for New York to study law.

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