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It's been a long time since she played the tomboy teen who had it bad for Eric Stoltz in "Some Kind of Wonderful." Twenty-two years to be exact.These days, Mary Stuart Masterson is playing another role: mom-to-be.All to save up and fulfill his father’s dreams of an academic scholarship. Amanda finds out on her own and in a heated confrontation asks Keith out on a date to spite Hardy. He presents her with a portrait of herself and she is deeply touched. Amanda slaps the hell out of Hardy in a heated confrontation and the tough guys ensure Keith’s safety. Keith is feeling more and more independent and seriously considers art school. Keith knows it’s a grab for revenge but its Amanda, why the hell not say yes and he forces her to keep the date. The date is over and Watts is waiting for them, the ever faithful chauffeur, but she’s had about all she can stand of seeing Keith love another girl…

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Are you looking forward to raising a baby in the city? We live in Brooklyn and have a house upstate where we try to be when we're not working every day.By this point, all filming locations had been scouted, the sets decorated, scenes storyboarded, and the cast hired.Kim Delaney was cast as Amanda Jones, and Kyle Mac Lachlan as Hardy Jenns.We have a preponderance of pregnant friends in the city.It's amazing having people with the same values as you're raising kids at the same time.

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