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Along with acting he has written a number of Screenplays and even directed one film He will be remember perhaps most, for the role of Dr.Doolats in the children's series The Electric Company in which he appeared in over 650 episodes, throughout the seventies.Stern had previously served as the NBA's first General Counsel and later as Executive VP of Legal & Business Affairs.February 1, 1995 With a crisp bounce pass to teammate Karl Malone, who hit a jumper from the corner, Utah guard John Stockton became the NBA's all-time leader in assists with 9,922, surpassing the mark previously established by Magic Johnson.One native crewman fell in a river and was eaten by a crocodile, another was killed by a charging rhino.This last accident was caught on film, and amazingly enough, remains in the finished picture. In one scene Harry Carey had to swing on a vine over a stream filled with live crocodiles. The movie takes advantage of its incredible location shots., after he embarrasses a fellow rookie (played by Tim Robbins) with her.In a later career he would become a freedom fighter, who fathered John Connor (with Linda Hamilton see below) and sent 'Arnie back'!

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sometimes, of course, it’s better for two fellas to run away together!

February 1, 1984 Bernard King scored 50 points for the Knicks at Dallas, equaling the 50 he tallied the night before in San Antonio.

He was the first player to score 50 points on consecutive nights since Wilt Chamberlain did it 20 years earlier. Stern officially took over as the NBA's fourth Commissioner, replacing the retired Larry O'Brien, who had served as Commissioner since 1975.

Much of Carey’s narration here makes it feel like a very much extended “Fitzpatrick Travel Talk”, which combined peppy quips with exotic locations. The film’s second half becomes a more standard adventure tale, though we still pause to talk about wildebeests and fight some unpleasant lions.

(And, in one moment that further dates the movie, we see one stabbed with a spear and then watch it enter its death throes.) It’s a step up because , which is something. Carey is fine in the title role, pulling off a decent Will Rogers-esque part with charm.

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